About Jan

Qualified Chef for Hire

Jan Cranitch

Hi, I’m Jan Cranitch. I’m a qualified Brisbane-based chef with over 30 years of experience.

In my kitchen, I specialise in Bespoke Cooking. I custom-make everything to suit my clients’ dietary needs and wishes. I like to use all natural, unprocessed ingredients (like fresh ginger, garlic and turmeric) and source local produce where possible to support local suppliers.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, my classes will offer valuable tips, tricks and recipes you’ll love. My classes follow a format for food designs that can be easily followed for inspiration with flexibility to create unique dishes for every client – drawing out each student’s creative skills!

I pride myself on helping to build people’s confidence in the kitchen; with boundless fun and free from judgement.

My Recent Experience

Cooking, Hosting and Demonstrating at the 2022 Ekka Queensland Stage

  • Promoting local producers and products
  • Developing presentations for sustainable cooking practices and recipes in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (Ekka Stage Sponsor)

Private Contracting for Stuartholme School, Brisbane

  • Contractor chef at Stuartholme school for Connective Cuisine

Food with Style: Sole Trader-qualified Chef / Cooking Teacher

  • ILVE Cooking appliance show room at Coorparoo; teaching retailers how to cook on all the Ilve appliances through my cooking classes
  • I also run group cooking classes for my business Food with Style including:
    • Private Cooking Classes, Team Building Events, Group Cooking Classes, Dinner Parties for 2, Table-of-ten Feasting Tables for Ladies, Meal Planning & Cooking for Families, Cooking Videos, Promotions work for Olympus Cheese, Cooking Workshops at Newtons Stones Corner & Demonstrations (2021)


  • Event And Public Speaking
  • Cooking Demonstrating
  • Stage Presentations and Hosting
  • Events Preparation
  • Hosting Cooking Shows in Shopping Centres and at the 2022 Ekka

Cooking Experience

  • Qualified Chef
  • Recipe Development
  • Menu Development
  • Personal Chef / Menu Planning for Private Homes
  • Over 30 Years of Hospitality Experience
  • Kitchen Procedures / Work, Health, and Safety

Cooking Classes

  • Cooking School Teacher
  • Private and Group Cooking Classes
  • Foodie Tours Guide
  • Creating Team Building Events

Private Contracting

  • Product Development
  • Systems and Procedures
  • Networking and Relationships
  • Lead Generating
  • Bookings And Software Programmes Such as Rezdy For Schedules
  • Business Development
  • Concierge
  • Merchandising
  • Function Coordinator
  • Business Marketing and Promotion – Social Media, Events, Print Materials
  • Branding
  • Ambassador For Food Products

Do you have a question for me?

Please contact me today with any questions or inquiries! 

Thank you

Thank you to a team of amazing people who have supported & encouraged me to keep doing my thing in the kitchen and sharing my love of food and flavours to inspire others that they can do anything in the kitchen if they just spend a little time in one of my classes 🙂
A Giant shout out Thankyou goes to the following who have been on this journey with me for so long & when I was going to throw the tea towel in they told me to keep going & for this I thank you  ❤
  • Jack Button – For Website Development
  • Kat Rowe-Graphic Design
  • Moana Robinson BStyled For Life for coaching , styling, YouTube video content & business advice @bstyledforlife
  • Seb Taylor-Logo Design / Video content
  • Sumico Photography for profile pictures
  • My friends & family for all your words of wisdom & advice
  • My husband Leo for his continual support of all my crazy ideas & maintaining our home garden to add so much value to my much loved classes