Client Experience: Jordan

Pizza dough expert


Jordan received a gift voucher for Christmas from his lovely Mum entitling him to a private cooking class with me for a 4 hour package that included an additional add-on of meal prep for another day❤️.

After a phone consultation with Jordan, we worked out a fabulous menu of all the things he longed to cook in the kitchen…
He wanted to learn how to make pizza dough so he could teach his son when he is old enough to learn.
Jordan loves hollandaise sauce & would kill to learn how to make so we added it to the menu.
Jordan Loves mushrooms any which way so we made stuffed mushrooms, mushroom sauce & a mushroom paste to go over eye fillet before we turn it into a Beef Wellington for the main course.

Jordan loves sweet potato , green beans & carrots so we
Blanched the green beans wrapped them in bacon & baked them in the oven. For carrot, we made honey, brown sugar & black Seasame seeds baked in the oven.

We then hasselbacked the sweet potato massaged smoked paprika,Parmesan, salt & pepper then baked it for an hour 😋.

Always my favourite thing 🌻
Jordan’s choice was 🍏Apples 🍏as he has a sweet tooth so we make some apple pies and a delicious apple/ coconut crumble which I love to serve with vanilla ice cream
We did all this in a four-hour class.

Jordan was super happy as he ended up with a dinner for that night & enough food for a family dinner the following night.
Bang for buck and an amazing learning experience that he did not think was possible .
If you or someone you know would benefit from one of my individually designed classes please contact me for more information how I could change you world with a new way of cooking with loads of prep tips including an inspirational experience like no other 😘👩‍🍳