The Girlfriend Hour

Season 2 of the Girlfriend Hour was recorded last week on the Gold Coast.

I had the absolute delight of having a spot on the show as a guest and crew member.


About The Girlfriend Hour

The Girlfriend Hour works to shine a light on the subjects people discuss quietly amongst themselves. The award-winning television show, brings together a stellar lineup of influential, seasoned and powerful women (and men) to inspire and empower others. The show has been created to share stories, lift each other up and inspire action.

I enjoyed brilliant two days working behind the scenes on set of the The Girlfriend Hour as part of the crew – whipping up some delicious nutritious snacks for all the celebrities that were going on the show.

On day two I was invited to shine the spotlight on someone in my world…

I chose Charlie Kruberg.




About Charlie and his Boards

Charlie is a 12-year-old boy who is very talented at woodwork.

I found Charlie’s work at a local art gallery, run by the lovely Ellen Greer. I immediately fell in love with Charlie’s work and purchased all of his boards that were in the gallery. I posted the crafted boards on my socials to shine the light on this young man’s talent and received a lot of praise and interest from other foodies.


My work as a chef has taught me a lot about food presentation. I’m a huge fan of all things natural so Charlie’s boards are a perfect match for my work for me to display my creations on.



I feel so lucky to be able to share the work of such a wonderful young man. Thank you to the lovely Shar Moore host of The Girlfriend Hour for having me on your show.