On Stage at the Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show!

Showcasing the Fabulous Plant-Based Products from V2

Brisbane Convention Centre – Friday 21 October to Sunday 23 October 2022


What an honour to have spent three days at the Brisbane Convention Centre cooking on-stage and presenting for V2.


I was thrilled by the opportunity to present the V2 plant-based products to the market place on a small stage at the Good Food and Wine Show!


My long, 9-hour days were spent doing cooking demonstrations and chatting to all the foodies who can to visit the show. AND I had a blast!


I learnt so much about this incredible plant-based product! V2:

✅ 👀 Looks like meat

✅ 😋 Taste like meat

✅ 👩‍🍳 Cooks like meat


It’s 100% plant-based and Australian-made!

It’s so good for families or individuals with allergies or for vegetarians!

Cutting down on meat is great for the planet and our health. The V2 products make this easy and fuss free – plus, it’s readily available from Coles and Woolworths!


I really enjoyed preparing for the show and setting the scene on my small stage with all my props and herbs!

It made me feel like I was cooking from home – picking delicious and nutritious herbs and veggies from my garden.

Then it was ready set cook – Lights Camera Action!


There is no greater thrill for a passionate foodie and chef like myself to book a project like this one. If YOU are looking to hire a chef to showcase your fabulous products then look no further! Get in touch here.


Happy Cooking my foodie friends and stay tuned for more foodie adventures!

Chef Jan 👩‍🍳🪴🎉🌿💚



P.s. It was so great to see so many of my foodie friends dropping by to say hi 🙏💚Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for all the encouragement and support to keep sharing my love of food and flavours 🙏