I met Charlie!

I met Charlie!

For those that got to hear my story on the Girlfriend Hour TV Show, I got to meet Charlie!

A quick catch-up for anyone who may have missed it – A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to shine the spotlight on someone in my world by the fabulously famous Shar Moore (check out the full blog here).


I choose Charlie Kruberg, a 12 year old boy with exceptional woodworking skills.

I discovered Charlie’s work at a local art gallery run by the lovely Ellen Greer.

Those who know me, know that I love supporting small businesses. I immediately fell in love with Charlie’s work and purchased all his board that were on display in the gallery that day. I also shared it on my social media.

This week, I finally met Charlie and all his fabulous family in the flesh! I also ordered 20 boards to add to my upcoming private team building classes.

These team building classes are among my favourites because I get to challenge participants to design their first course! Keep an eye out for pictures of this class. It will be an unforgettable team challenge and a lot of fun. Participants in the challenge will be able to keep these beautiful works of art and take them home to enjoy.

As a chef, I frequently do cooking demonstrations, and I’m a huge fan of all things natural, so Charlie’s boards are a perfect match for me to display my creations on.


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Happy Cooking my friends!