November in Review

Melbourne Cup at Deloitte

This month kicked off with the Melbourne cup!

I had the pleasure of serving lunch to the Deloitte office for a fabulous Melbourne cup affair!

Cooking Demonstrations at Newport IGA

I had an absolute ball in-store at the Newport IGA, meeting the locals and showcasing some incredible flavours.

Being surrounded by so much delicious food is my happy place.

I even had one customer come back and see me – what a thrill! She told me that I had inspired her to do some entertaining and expressed that my ideas were really helpful.

For me, that’s what being a chef is all about; entertaining loved ones and helping others to share and enjoy cooking!

There is so much variety available at Newport IGA you can easily make something really simple or something very fancy. 

I also had a visit from my hard-core carnivore friend Ryan! For Ryan, I created a scrumptious tasting with rump steak (which was on sale!! – even better)

The taste sensation went like this …

I fried off some onions with a little garlic. Next, I slapped the rump on my hot sizzling pan and added a good dollop of Red Onion Jam from @spoonfedfoods. Absolute flavour bomb!

With a few tips and tricks, anyone can be a superstar in the kitchen!


Being a Chef During the Festive Season

I an incredibly grateful being a chef this time of year. The festive season brings a much loved demand.

I’ve been busy helping lots of my foodie friends with their celebrations and functions.

I can’t believe how much I have managed to pack into this year (and it’s still not done!)

  • Cooking Shows
  • Cooking Demonstartions
  • Product Launch
  • Stage Host
  • Spruiking products
  • Collaborating
  • Showcasing New Brands to the Market
  • Radio Talk-back
  • Cooking Segments
  • Entertainment
  • Networking
  • Running Competitions
  • Scanning QR Codes
  • In-store and On-stage

Happy Cooking my foodie friends!

Stay tuned for more foodie adventures. 

I am so looking forward to the lead up to Christmas!